Bracewell Engineering employs sanitary professionals with extensive expertise and broad experience in providing solutions to sanitary engineering problems. Members of the operations staff are certified as wastewater treatment operators through the State Water Resources Control Board, Division of Clean Water Programs, and as drinking water treatment operators through the State Department of Health Services, Division of Drinking Water. BEI’s operators are trained in a variety of treatment systems, including aerated and facultative ponds, activated sludge, sequencing batch reactors, clarification, reverse osmosis, carbon adsorption, coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, chlorination, and ultraviolet disinfection. BEI aggressively pursues an ongoing training and skills upgrading program for all operators and maintenance staff.

Management Information Systems

Computerized management of information systems is an integral part of BEI’s project work. The staff at Bracewell Engineering are knowledgeable in writing specialized software for problem solving and for managing the extensive data produced by operating treatment plants. Our software systems ensure that data review, problem solving, and report development are efficiently carried out. Computer networking and Internet communication provide for instant access to analytical and maintenance data, vital to BEI’s quality control of plant operations.

BEI’s technical computer capabilities include maintenance management of treatment plant equipment, data management with automated chain of custody and report generation, sewer modeling, and utility billing.