General Qualifications References
Jan Sweigert
District Engineer, Monterey
Department of Health Services
(831) 655-3939

Dr. Peter Russell
Russell Resources, Inc.
(415) 492-0540

Dr. Larry Russell
Reed International Ltd.
(510) 524-0450

Robert Dawyot
Allied Engineers, Inc.
(925) 867-4646

Client References
San Benito County Public Works
Steve Wittry
Director of Public Works
(831) 636-4170

City of San Juan Bautista
Roger Grimsley
City Manager
(831) 623-4661

City of Hollister
Clint Quilter
City Manager
(831) 636-4300

Natural Selection Foods, Inc.
Joe Torquato
Facility Engineer
(831) 636-2746

True Leaf Farms, LLC
Vince Brigantino
(831) 623-4667