EBMUD, Oakland, California

BEI provided operation and maintenance of an acid mine drainage treatment system including all treatment system monitoring and reporting. BEI conducted pilot tests to improve the performance of the system in removing dissolved metals and to reduce costs. The system consists of a groundwater seepage collection pond, two 250 gpm submersible pumps, lime storage tank, in-line lime addition and mixing and a clarifier.

Property Owner, City of San Jose, California

BEI provided planning, design, and construction assistance for a 5 gpm pump and treat system at an industrial site in San Jose, California. The groundwater was contaminated with 1,1,1-trichloroethane that leaked from an underground storage tank. BEI personnel designed a two stage air stripper system with vapor phase carbon treatment on each stage with a water phase carbon polish prior to discharge. The groundwater collection system has wells in three different aquifers. The treatment system has an equalization/treatment tank to equalize the concentration of the solvent prior to the air stripper since there is a four order of magnitude difference in the solvent concentration between wells. BEI provides operation and maintenance of the groundwater system including all treatment system monitoring and reporting.